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At Wayne Paving & Gravel, our company is proud to offer a diverse range of services from stamped concrete, to asphalt paving, and asphalt sealing. With plant locations in Coudersport, Shinglehouse, and Bradford, PA, our team can provide comprehensive construction services throughout Bradford, PA, Olean, Wellsville, and Ellicottville, NY. 
No matter what the size or scope of your next project, our paving contractors can help. Our specialized teams are trained to perform at the highest level in their field. Whether you need repairs for your blacktop driveways, concrete walkways, or patios, we offer reliable paving services at a competitive price. Feel free to contact us by phone or via the form on this page. We look forward to hearing about your project or ideas!


Main Office & Plant Location:
262 Route 44

Shinglehouse, PA 16748
Phone: 814-697-7191


Wayne Stephen
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Concrete Central Dispatch – All Plants:
Phone: 814-697-7191, ext 1 or 211/212

Gravel Central Dispatch:
Phone: 814-697-7191, ext 2 or 246

Paving & Contracting:
Phone: 814-697-7191, ext 2 or 246/213

Additional Contacts:
Doug Rutterman
Garret Stephen
Quality Control

BUSINESS OFFICE: Ext 3 or Use the Following:

Office Administration: Ext. 225

Accounts Payable: Ext. 280

Human Resources: Ext. 223

IT: Ext.225, 

Safety & Truck Administration

Shop: 814-697-7191

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Lisa Stephen, Executive administration and Concrete Sales
Phone: 716-498-1968
Wayne Stephen, Executive administration and Construction Sales
Bill Haas, Concrete Specifications, Operations, and Sales
Phone: 716-913-7750
Doug Rutterman, Paving and Gravel Engineering and Specifications, Operations, and Sales 
Phone: 716-498-2822
Garret Stephen, Site and Paving Operations and Sales
Phone: 716-353-3676