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Wayne Stephen
Lisa Stephen

Concrete Central Dispatch 814-697-7191 Ext. 1

Lisa Stephen

Gravel Dispatch & Paving Operations: 814-697-7191 Ext. 2

Concrete Operations: 814-697-7191 Ext. 2

Doug Rutterman
Bill Haas

Paving Estimating and Engineering: 814-697-7191 Ext. 2

Wayne Stephen
Garret Stephen

Business Departments: 814-697-7191 Ext. 3

Jim Pesock
Accounts Payable: ext 2
Michelle Studley
Human Resources: ext 3
Gordon Maker
Safety & Truck Administration: ext 5
Jesse and Bob: Ext 4

Additional Contacts

Robin Austin
Lisa Stephen
Customer Relations
Garret Stephen
Equipment Sales – Ext. 277
Shawn Hill
Quality Control
Angie Stephen
Marketing & Social Media

Sales Support

Bill Haas
Lisa Stephen

Sales & Customer Service