Water Services for Bradford, PA

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In addition to our concrete, paving, and asphalt sealing services, Wayne Paving & Gravel has a 25 acre pond that is upwards of 50’ feet in depth. This body of water was created from 30 years of dredging sand and gravel to a depth below the water table. The water is crystal clear due to being filtered through the sand and gravel deposit.

We have a revised DEP Mining Permit that includes the pumping of pit water from the impoundment at a maximum rate of 810 gallons per minute and a maximum daily volume of 1.17 million gallons. To accomplish this, Wayne Paving & Gravel, we incoprorate a metered and fully automated water system with six truck load out stations. Each customer and site is tracked with a P.I.N. inputted by the driver allowing for daily reporting and 24/7 operations.

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