Paving Contractor – Core Values

“Our Core Values, which define our culture, describe the way we work, and guide us on a daily basis, are the underlying foundation of Wayne Paving & Gravel. The Core Values represent the tradition of the founders and leaders of the company. People who practice and respect these values on a daily basis will be long term members of our organization”
~ Lisa Stephen


Being aware and taking action at all times to protect the well-being of ourselves and everyone around us.


Believing in the character, reputation, and achievements of ourselves, our team members, and our company.


Doing the right thing, in an honest and sincere manner, even when no one is watching.


Professional conduct in everything we do.

Work Ethic

A dedication to accomplishing a common goal through hard work and diligence.


Joining together to achieve a common goal to be the best in everything we do.


The ability and desire to effectively exchange ideas and information.


Showing an appreciation for ourselves, our team members, and our surroundings.


Belonging and contributing to a group of people who believe and share common values.


Never settle for where we are today. Call us today


Enjoying what we do.


Promotion of our products, our industry, and our company at every opportunity.

Sales & Customer Service